Abundance Wellness Center

325 John Knox Road, Building T, Suite 1, Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Ryan Sullivan - Relaxation With Results

In order to accommodate all clients and conditions, Ryan Sullivan practices a wide range of treatment modalities-- from very deep-tissue myofascial work to incredibly light lymphatic drainage. He also hosts all ages of people: from expectant mothers and newborns, to teenagers and the elderly.

Ryan's focus is on understanding the unique condition of each patient and determining what personalized treatment will be most effective for her or him.

Working within the frameworks of both Western and Eastern medicine, Ryan views health and illness as complex dynamics of muscles, meridians, fascia, chi, and a myriad of other factors.

He provides treatments on a custom massage table with audio-speakers on the inside. He also teaches clients how to maintain health while at home, using chairs, doorways, weights, belts, etc.

Adept with his hands and tools, Ryan uses cupping vessels, gua sha horns, stretching belts, medicinal oils, kinesiology tape, hot stones, rollers, and micro-current devices.

Health is the goal and many roads can lead there!

For more information on treatment options, visit www.higherlevelhealing.com

Contact Information:
Phone: (850) 545-3949 Email: ryan@higherlevelhealing.com

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