Abundance Wellness Center

325 John Knox Road, Building T, Suite 1, Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Linda McCue

Linda McCue, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA17147), graduated from Core Institute of Tallahassee in March of 1993.  Linda began her career working in a chiropractor’s office for the first three years, learning in a fast paced practice to work on a wide variety of injuries in an efficient and effective way.  Her hands-on experience there prepared her for her own practice which she began building during those first few years as well.  Ready to establish herself, in 1998 Linda struck out on her own and opened ‘The Massage Therapy Center’ with two partners, which they operated successfully for 9 years.  

 Linda has studied and practiced CranioSacral Therapy through The Upledger Institute for twelve years.  Taking her studies into the water and working with dolphins in the Bahamas.  She also specializes in TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) Dysfunction Therapy.  

Linda loves her work and enjoys the sense of helping her clients to manage their pain and stress in a natural way.  Now the proud new owner of her dream come true, Linda has opened ‘Abundance Wellness Center’ in what she considers the final chapter of her career.  ‘Abundance Wellness Center’ is full circle including a wide variety of highly gifted and established therapists and treatments they offer.  Abundance also serves the area with a variety of ongoing classes such as Yoga, Stretch and Balance, Awareness through Movement and Pilates.   Workshops, fundraisers and a wide variety of events will be a part of the ever evolving menu at Abundance.

Contact Information: Phone: (850) 545-3978 Email: llmccue@netscape.net
                                    Fax:     (850) 692-3182

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